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GDC 2003 Demoscene Demo Reel

Published 2003

As part of an outreach program to acknowledge the work done in the Demoscene, the Demoscene Outreach Group (DOG) brought demonstration tapes to various graphics and game events around the world. This reel of contemporary (2003) demos likely played on a looping basis during GDC in one of the theater areas. Each of the included demos is accompanied by an information card and then played in full before moving to the next. Credit for the tape is given to the Demo Scene Outreach Group.

Demos played include: "MDMA" by threepixels, "liquid wen" by Haujobb, "32 degrees in the shade" by Yodel, "poem to a horse" by farb-rausch, "13 december" by psikorp.

The Demoscene Outreach Group continued its efforts for several years before going dormant in 2006.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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